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posted by listerart on 1st Mar 2020, 6:12 PM

Hello, Constant Reader, 

(borrowed that from Stephen King. I've always thought that was a cool thing he does. I can do that, right?)

SO -- MOTB is back up and running. The art is progressing nicely, the writing is progressing not quite as easily, but I am stoked with what I do have written. Writing is a bit of a struggle for me, because I'm not a writer. Well, I guess I AM to a degree -- you're reading my webcomic, which I do everything, including the writing. So I guess that makes me a writer.

I do okay. I've read worse.

I've got writing on my mind right now, as I'm in the process of creating full character bios and backstories that will be a supplimental to the webcomic. Do any of you old school comicbook readers remember Marvel's 'The Official Handbook to the Marvel Universe' ? Well, I'm totally doing my take on that comic series with my characters bios - The Listerart Universe! There's a placeholder page (go to the webcomic and click the 'CAST' tab on the right) for now until I'm ready to post each bio.  I have a few completed (the main characters who've been introduced so far) and several more in the works. It's a challenge, but it's oh so fun to make this stuff up and how they all tie to each other. World building! Getting it all written also helps keep everything straight as I introduce new elements, characters and plot points into the webcomic. 

MOTB Issue 2 is close to the end. Issue 3 is completely written and will be lots of fun to draw, but I may take a small (VERY SMALL) hiatus before I jump into Issue 3 to focus on writing Issues 4 and 5. Right now I have a bunch of plot points and ideas, but no full scripts after 3. I get asked if MOTB is a mini-series or will be a continuing story or what, to which I have to admit I don't fully know. I know how this particular storyline ends, but beyond that, I'm not sure. I have ideas for other stories with these characters, but I have to get this storyline completed. It's been a LONNNNNNNNG time coming.

So, there you go! I hope you are enjoying all of this as much as I am. Questions, comments and/or critiques are all welcomed!

Thank you for your patronage -- more to come!


posted by listerart on 1st Feb 2020, 6:58 PM

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